VA loan is a type of a mortgage loan guaranteed by the Veteran Affairs (VA) – United States Department. This sort of program is designed and planned typically for the American Veterans along with military members who serve in the Military of US. The same can also be obtained by the surviving spouses who have not remarried any other person.

The VA loan is usually used for purchasing single-family homes, multi-unit properties, newly constructed houses, manufactured homes and condominiums. The Department of VA does not lend the loan themselves but instead look into the matter and create rules for smooth and easy functioning of this process. They have set specific requirements and guidelines which a person needs to follow mandatorily to seek this mortgage.

The main agenda behind this mortgage loan is to provide financial aid to eligible veterans who lack proper housing and shelter. The advantage of this program is that veterans get to purchase properties of their choice without putting in any type of down payment in the deal.

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