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  2. MALLS

Real estate that generates income for the owner is commercial real estate. Even if you want to buy a home with the purpose of renting it and generating money from it then it will be labeled as commercial real estate. To better understand whether a given property will be classified as commercial real estate, and for more details about what rights or requirements may be associated with your commercial real estate holdings, connect with  Mortgage with Jed because our main aim is to fulfill the dreams of our customers.  We’re the brand which has been a top resource for commercial loan funding. No matter if you want to invest, refinance or interested in buying a commercial property, we will fulfill all your requirements by proving you suitable programs and terms. Whether it is a loan for property or a home, Mortgage with Jed is the best company to help you with it. Ready to purchase or refinance your commercial property? Contact professionals at Mortgage with Jed.